Cornelius Seafood Restaurant

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 60.328514542
Longitude: 5.1716744899

Postboks 27
5174 Mathopen

Phone56 33 48 80
Fax55 59 04 81

Cornelius is well known for its exceptional seafood and wonderful location in the stunning archipelago outside Bergen. Cornelius is not just a restaurant; it’s an adventure into the delights of seafood, serving up one sensational dish after another. Order the Tower of Shellfish and it will arrive constructed from your choice of seafood. In the large, outdoor tanks are living sea urchins, scallops, cockles, crabs, oysters and lobster. Via a TV link, you can watch scallops and other delicacies being caught, and watch the chefs as they transform them into wonderful seafood delights. Also on the menu are enlightening shellfish presentations and a chance to taste raw oysters, sea urchins and scallops. In the outdoor kitchen, gastronomes can gather around an open fire and smoking-oven to soak-up the coastal ambience. But the highlight of the trip, without doubt, is Cornelius's “meteorological” menu. Cornelius’s food and drinks are determined by the time of year, an accomplished chef and the weather gods. If we have good summer weather, we slide open the doors, set tables on the pier, and serve a light, summer menu. If the weather is bad, we set the tables with warm colours, and dine inside in cosy candlelight. Every day you can enjoy a new taste experience! Booking is essential!

FACILITIES Cornelius has five dining areas with modern kitchens and seafood wine cellar. The Surface: 100., The Float 38 pers., Skjæret 65 pers., The Sea Lounge 90 pers., VIP 26 pers., Outpost, 36 pers.
In total we can accommodate up to 350 guests. Its location in the beautiful archipelago makes Cornelius a unique location for meetings, training courses, conferences and celebrations. We also offer several maritime activities including boating, fishing, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving and much more.
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Boat trip to Cornelius - including dinner

One of Norway's best and most exciting seafood restaurants is situated on a small island just outside Bergen, where you can enjoy one of the most exotic experiences the skerries of Western Norway have to offer. Departure from Bryggen.
Address: Postboks 27, 5174 Mathopen
Telephone: 56 33 48 80

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Cornelius AS - Selskapslokaler

Seafood experience at Holmen! Situated in the North West side of Bjorøy, only 30 minutes from Bergen, Cornelius offers unique seafood experiences made from the very best and freshest ingredients, prepared with passion, knowledge and tradition. Max capacity: Banquet: 65+65. Reception: 130.
Address: Postboks 27, 5174 Mathopen
Telephone: 55 59 04 80

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Experience boating and seafood at Holmen island

Combination of a boat cruise and food at Cornelius Sea Food Restaurant is a must for both small and large groups of people holding a meeting, office parties, and team-building activities or just hosting a dinner.
Address: Postboks 27, 5174 Mathopen
Telephone: 56 33 48 80
Bergen Tourist Board • Slottsgaten 3 • P.O. Box 4055 Sandviken • 5835 Bergen, Norway