Damsgård Country Mansion - Bergen City Museum

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Latitude: 60.3833943
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No. 16 and 17.

Take road 555 direction Sotra over the Puddefjorden bridge turn right on road 582 just after the bridge.


Bus no. 16 or 17 from Olav Kyrresgate, direction west.

By car: Take road 555 direction Sotra over the Puddefjorden bridge, turn right on road 582 just after the bridge.





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Alleen 29
5162 Laksevåg

Phone479 79 580
Phone55 30 80 30
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Bergen was a large, busy and rich town at the end of the 18th century. Amongst the aristocracy it was popular to build luxurious countryside retreats for entertaining, recreation and perhaps a bit of farming.

Around 1800 there were as many as 70 of these retreats in the surroundings of Bergen. The finest of them all was Damsgård, which unashamedly presented its splendid, castle-like facade towards both the shipping lanes and the town.

Damsgård was built in the 1770s for Minister of War Gyldenkrantz. From 1983 to 1993 major protection, conservation and restoration work was carried out. The interiors provide an outstanding example of a Bergen country retreat from the 18th and 19th centuries, and the garden has been recreated to show what it might have been like in the 1780s, with authentic ornamental plants, vegetables, herbs, bushes, trees, statues and drinking fountains.

Damsgård Manor is the most important example of Rococo architecture in Norway, and is perhaps the best preserved wooden building in Europe from this period.

Few minutes from the center of Bergen - bus No. 16 and 17.

Entrance to the house only on guided tour.
Guided tours in Norwegian and English daily at 12 noon and 2pm.
Sundays also at 1pm.

The ticket is valid for both the house and the garden.
Discounts available for visit to several of Bymuseet museums.

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Bergen Tourist Board • Slottsgaten 3 • P.O. Box 4055 Sandviken • 5835 Bergen, Norway